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Prater discounts and starter package

Season 2023

Prater discounts and starter package

You may have already heard about the Pratercard or are looking for ways to save some money during your Wurstelprater visit. The Wiener Praterverband offers visitors four different discount packages, which differ in scope and are also aimed at different target groups. We have checked them all out in detail and broken them down for you.


The Pratercard works like a voucher card – you simply add credit and then redeem it at the participating rides. If you want to recharge it, you can either do it yourself online at pratercard.at or go to the information desk at the Riesenradplatz. If you only have a small amount of credit left and don’t want it to go to waste, you can use it up in one of the participating restaurants.

Every Tuesday you get more for your money, because you save 20% on all participating Pratercard attractions when paying with the Pratercard!

💡 Benefit: -20% on Tuesdays, pay cashless
🎡 Valid for: 39 attractions + 5 restaurants
💶 Price: depending on the desired credit from 10,00 € – 250,00 €

Pratercard rides and attractions:

Aeroplan Karussell, Air Maxx, Alt Wiener Grottenbahn, Aquagaudi, Blumenrad, Break Dance, Dizzy Mouse, Eisberg, Extasy, Geisterschloss, Grand Prix Monza, Große Geisterbahn, Hallo Wien, Hotel Psycho, Insider Indoor Rollercoaster, Jumper, Kuglers Kinderwelt Karussell, Königreich der Eisenbahnen, Liliputbahn, Magic Dreamland, Mecky Express, Megablitz, Minidrom, Prater Marina und Jumping Tower, Praterzug, Salto Trampolin, Schießbude (vis-a-vis Grand Prix Monza), Skull Rock, Sombrero, Super Autodrom, Super Top Dance, Volare, Wiener Freifallturm, Wiener Hochschaubahn, Wiener Riesenrad, Wiener Rutsche, Zum Roten Adler und Zug des Manitu

Pratercard restaurants:

Gösser Eck, Manner Bar, Praterschwemme, Rollercoaster Restaurant und Stormy Sunday


The Adrenalincard includes six rides and a Red Bull on top. Whether you ride each of the six participating attractions once or skip one attraction and ride another twice is entirely up to you. Compared to the regular ticket prices, you can save around 30% with the Adrenalin Card. In concrete terms: if you choose to ride each of the six attractions once, you save 9,00€ (24,00€ vs. 33,00€). You can either buy the adrenaline card at pratercard.at/adrenalincard or at the information desk at the Riesenradplatz.

💡 Benefit: around 30% savings
🎡 Valid on: 6 attractions
Redemption period: 24h from the 1st activation
👤 Target group: people aged 14 and over
💶 Price: 24,00€

Adrenalincard rides:

Extasy, Grand Prix Monza, Hotel Psycho, Megablitz, Volare and Wiener Freifallturm


If you are planning a children’s birthday party in the Wurstelprater, the Partycard is the perfect investment. It includes two hours of unlimited fun on all participating children’s rides as well as a children’s ice cream and a portion of sausages or French fries with ketchup. The only restriction: you have to wait 10 minutes between two rounds, if you want to go twice at the same attraction in a row. You can buy the tickets either at pratercard.at/partycard or at the information desk at the Riesenradplatz. The minimum quantity is 5 pieces.

2+1 promotion: You are currently getting another hour of driving fun for free!

💡 Benefit: 2 hours of unlimited driving fun
🎡 Valid at: 16 attractions
Redemption period: 2h from the 1st activation
👤 Target audience: children
💶 Price: 29,90€ per card

Partycard attractions:

Aeroplan Karussell, Alt Wiener Grottenbahn, Blumenrad, Eisberg, Hallo Wien, Kuglers Kinderwelt, Kinderparadies, Liliputbahn, Magic Dreamland, Minidrom, Prater Marina, Praterzug, Salto Trampolin, Wiener Hochschaubahn, Wiener Rutsche und Zug des Manitu

Included snack:

A portion of sausages or fries with ketchup at Stormy Sunday, as well as children’s ice cream from the Manner Bar


Prater Package – Vienna City Card

If you are visiting the Wurstelprater for the first time, the Prater Package is probably a good trial offer. It includes a ride with the Wiener Riesenrad (Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel), two rides on two of the participating attractions of your choice and a culinary Viennese specialty. If you own a Vienna City Card, you get the Prater Package at a reduced price!

For comparison, a quick calculation: without the Prater Package, you pay approx. 33,00€ for the Wiener Riesenrad, two attractions and a Kaiserschmarrn or around 35,00 € if you eat a Wiener Schnitzel (13,00€ for the Riesenrad, 5,00€ each for two attractions and 9,90€ for the Kaiserschmarrn or 12,50€ for Wiener Schnitzel).

You can buy the card at the regular price at pratercard.at/vcc or at the information desk at the Riesenradplatz with VCC at a reduced price.

💡 Includes: 1x Ferris wheel, 2x entry, 1x meal
🎡 Valid at: 20 attractions
👤 Target group: Tourists and Prater first-timers
💶 Price: 31,00€ regular / 25,00€ with the Vienna City Card

You get:

1 ride with the Wiener Riesenrad

And you can choose two of the following attractions:

Aeroplan Karussell, Alt Wiener Grottenbahn, Aquagaudi, Blumenrad, Dizzy Mouse, Eisberg, Extasy, Geisterschloss, Grand Autodrom, Grand Prix Monza, Hallo Wien, Insider Indoor Rollercoaster, Liliputbahn, Magic Dreamland, Prater Marina, Skull Rock, Volare, Wiener Rutsche und Zum Roten Adler

For your meal, you can choose between:

A portion of Kaiserschmarrn at Gösser Eck, a Wiener Schnitzel at Stormy Sunday, or a Sacherschnitte with coffee at Café Neuzeit


You can find the terms and conditions for the individual cards or packages at pratercard.at/faqs.