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Hotel Psycho

Horror + Thrill

Hotel Psycho

Geisterbahn is so yesterday – Hotel Psycho is today’s version! Check into the Hotel of Horrors and experience to be frightened and scared on a whole new level. There is good reason why Hotel Psycho has become one of the top addresses for horror fans since it opened. After a year of planning and more than 2 years of construction, a total of 140 tons of steel were installed on an area of 1,100 m2. A spectacularly eerie world of horror is awaiting you on this spine-tingling 300m long ride which is only for the most courageous amongst you. As a souvenir you can purchase a photo or a highlight video of your trip.

Age restriction: 12 years and above
Above 12 years: Hotel Psycho light Above 14 years: 100% horror

6,00€ per person 5,00€ highlight video 5,00€ photo

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