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The Fastest Rides

Top 10

The Fastest Rides

In our second top 10 ranking, we reveal which rides will hurl you through the air the fastest. Okay let’s be more precise. Strictly speaking, this ranking is about top speeds – how long you are exposed to the speed has no influence here.

If you love feeling the air resistance in your face, then pack your strongest hairspray and work your way through our top 10 (+2) fastest attractions on your next visit to the Wurstelprater!

#10  ⋆  Volare with 50 km/h

With a top speed of up to 50 km/h, the Volare just barely made it into our ranking! As the name suggests, this roller coaster will make you fly. Yes, really. Climb in – or rather, lie in – and fly up and then rapidly down again. Superman turns green with envy, so confidently as you glide through the air here.

#9  ⋆  Wiener Hochschaubahn with 55 km/h

Did you think that one of world’s oldest rollercoasters would make the top 10?! At its fastest point, the Zwergerlbahn reaches up to 55 km/h and thus easily makes it into our ranking. Especially for children, history and rollercoaster lovers, the Wiener Hochschaubahn (aka Viennese rollercoaster) is a must when visiting the Prater.

#8  ⋆  Air Maxx, Break Dance, G’sengte Sau with 60 km/h

With up to 60 km/h, three rides with very different movement patterns make it to 8th place! Air Maxx twirles you through the air with its swing arms, Break Dance throws you in circles and with the G’sengte Sau you can race along the rails at high speed.

#7  ⋆  Megablitz with 70 km/h

With a top speed of 70 km/h, the Megablitz ranks 7th, making it the fastest family rollercoaster in the Prater. Why? Brave kids can ride from the age of 6 if they have an accompanying adult in tow.

#6  ⋆  Black Mamba, Boomerang with 75 km/h

The Black Mamba is very capable of throwing you through the air. Dangling from the top of the snake’s tail, you can reach speeds of up to 75 km/h with this attraction. And if you are interested in how you look at highspeed, just buy a souvenir photo. Who knows what else you might need it for. With Boomerang, you climb the 35.5 meter high construction and then go downhill again at full speed. Right through the entry house and through the looping. We guarantee, you’ll be left speechless. And because that’s not enough, you will experience the whole thing again in reverse gear.

#5  ⋆  The King with 77 km/h

With 77 km/h, the high-speed slingshot comes in on 5th place. After getting used to The King during the first round, it’s picking up speed – you won’t be able to observe the surroundings here! But you probably knew that at first sight.

#4  ⋆  Magic Rotor with 82 km/h

The second rotor in the Wurstelprater is a tad faster than its big brother. With 82 km/h, the Magic Rotor lands in 4th. You will only be able to enjoy the view over Calafatiplatz for a short time, but that’s not the point here.

#3  ⋆  Wiener Freifallturm with 90 km/h

The Wiener Freifallturm (aka Viennese free fall) tower promises you – you may be able to guess it – the experience of free fall. At a height of 80 meters (minus the corresponding braking distance), this results in a top speed of around 90 km/h and thus third place in the ranking! Bonus: Before you head back towards the surface of the earth, you have the opportunity to enjoy the view over Vienna a little more.

#2  ⋆  Space Shot with 95 km/h

If you’d rather shoot up than fall to the ground, the Space Shot is for you. The rocket launch into space reaches up to 95 km/h and thus ranks second in our top 10 ranking.

#1  ⋆  Ejection Seat with 110 km/h

If you really want to push yourself to the limit, treat yourself to a lap in the Ejection Seat! With a top speed of 110 km/h, Vienna’s most beautiful ejection seat takes first place. And because the speed alone is not enough, your seat rotates as well. Conclusion: The ultimate adrenaline rush!

Bonus Round

If you still haven’t had enough after the 12 rides listed above, we have two more attractions up our sleeve. In the Olympia Looping, which is a guest in the Wurstelprater until August 27th, 2023, you can reach a top speed of up to 80 km/h. If you want to experience top speeds without a tower or rails, then check out Windobona Indoor Skydiving. Vertical wind speeds of up to 280 km/h are used in the wind tunnel!

We wish you lots and lots of fun!