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Park Information

The Vienna Wurstelprater is an amusement park open to the public and consists of a variety of attractions, catering and entertainment establishments. It is located at the northwestern tip of the Grüner Prater in Vienna’s 2nd district.

Opening hours

Like the Green Prater, Wurstelprater is freely accessible 24 hours a day all year round (Jan-Dec).

There are no standard opening hours in Wurstelprater – each attraction, ride, and restaurant can determine its opening hours individually.

Wurstelpraters main season is from March 15 to October 31. During this period, the attractions are open between 10:00 in the morning and 1:00 at night. Depending on weather conditions, day of the week, and target group there may be slight deviations.

During off-season everything is a little less predictable. Certain attractions continue to have regular opening hours, others only open on weekends when the weather is fine, and a few go completely into hibernation until the end of Febuary.

Admission prices

The Wurstelprater area is accessible without admission.

The entrance and ride prices of individual attractions differ depending on the scope and genre – most range from 3.00€ to 6.00€. You can find detailed information in our attractions guide.