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Did you lose something during your Wurstelprater visit? All items found are brought to the Prater information at Riesenradplatz. Within two days of having lost your item, you can collect it there. Twice a week, the lost and found box is emptied by the so-called Fundservice Wien and all items are brought to their main location.

So, if you lost something and are still close by, drop by the Prater information. With a little bit of luck, you’ll get your item back in no time. Otherwise, please call the Zentrale Fundservice. You can find all contact information below.

Prater Information

Address: Riesenradplatz

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun from 10:00-22:00 o’clock

Zentrales Fundservice der Stadt Wien

Address: 1050, Siebenbrunnenfeldgasse 3
Hotline: +43 (0)1 4000 8091

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri from 8:00-15:30 o’clock
Thu from 8:00-17:30 o’clock

There’s also an online service for all items lost and found, but unfortunately it’s only available in German. You can find it at fundamt.gv.at

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