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Visiting this year: Maze and River Rafting

Season 2024

Visiting this year: Maze and River Rafting

If you’ve been to Wurstelprater before your curious eyes may have noticed that there is still no successor to the Super 8 ride yet. But of course that doesn’t mean that the area will remain empty in 2024. This year, André Fackler, a German operator, will visit with two of his attractions.

So what’s awaiting you?

River Rafting

Thanks to River Rafting, the Wurstelprater will have a third water attraction to offer this year in addition to the Wildalpenbahn and Aqua Gaudi. The green wild water ride has 8 round boats that can accommodate up to four people each and offers fun for the whole family.

Manufacturer: Fabbri Group
Operating since: 2007
Route length: approx. 230m
Capacity: 32 people in 8 round boats

Après Ski Party

Alcohol, Hüttengaudi and folk music? Not quite. Behind Après Ski there is a fun house with a rotating glass maze, distorting mirrors, sliding and wobbling floors, a rolling barrel and much much more. If you already know and love Super Top Dance, Magic Dreamland and Funball like the back of your hand, you should take the chance and pay a visit to the Après Ski Party!

Manufacturer: Dietz Fahrzeugbau
Operating since: 2010
Dimensions: 22m x 13m


Construction of the two rides should begin shortly. They will stay at the Wiener Wurstelprater until the end of the season and are looking forward to your visit.

We wish you lots of fun!

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Photocredits: Günther Beranek/ewrdb.com, Dietz Fahrzeugbau