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Prater Catchen is back

Event Archive, 2023

Prater Catchen is back

Europes best wrestlers are getting back into the ring in the Wurstelprater – on July 7th and 8th 2023 the Prater Catchen will take place again in the Wiener Prater. This year, alongside a yet to be named ex-WWE and ECW superstar, there will also be heavy-weight champion Chris “Bambikiller” Raaber, Peter White, Michael Kovac, Intercontinental-Champion Georges Khoukaz, and many many more. The women’s title will also be introduced for the first time this year. The Prater Wrestling writes history in local women’s wrestling!

Vienna’s Wrestling Tradition

Wrestling has a long tradition in Vienna’s Wurstelprater – as early as 1890, people were wrestling in a tent here. In the 70s, the high point of Viennese wrestling shifted to the Heumarkt. In 2017, Marcus Vetter, president of the “Wrestling in Wien” association, brought wrestling back to the Wurstelprater and revived it. This year Prater Catchen will take place for the 7th time. You can see some impressions from last years event in the gallery.

Experience the spectacular Pratercatchen live and come along when it’s time to ring the bell again!

Hard Facts

Prater Catchen
Date: Fri, July 7th and Sat, July 8th 2023
Time: from 19:30
Location: Praterzelt at Liliputbahn’s main station
Price: day ticket from 35,60€, two-day ticket from 64,20€
Tickets: oeticket.com

Tickets are also available at Libro and Media Markt stores as well as all tobacconists in Vienna.

You can find further information on pratercatchen.at