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City Life – an Open Air Exhibition

Event Archive, 2022

City Life – an Open Air Exhibition

We all know Vienna as a lively city full of contrasts – but how many details do we actually notice? How observant are we moving through the city that we think we know like the back of our hand?

Tourists and visitors look at the city probably more consciously than the Viennese themselves. Even more consciously, and with a trained eye, photographers roam the city. They train their eyes every day to discover things that are often overlooked. And to show contrasts that can illustrate life in Vienna particularly well.

Exhibition in front of the Riesenrad

The Viennese professional photographers guild has again announced a photo competition this year. Under the title stadtleben:2022, photographers, students and apprentices were able to submit their works. The 30 most impressive photos, selected by a top-class expert jury, are now enlarged onto 130 x 120 cm aluminum plates and exhibited at the Kaiserwiese!

The winners are: Szergej Afanaszjev, Dragan Antia-Tatić, Michael Appelt, Heinz-Peter Bader, Nelly Bijeva, Tzvetelina Feßler, Gerd Frühwirth, Moses Gsellmann, Stefan Gutternigh, Martin Hasibar, Alexander Hirner, Martin Jordan, Sandra Kosel, Herbert Kratky, Sunla Mahn, Veronika Maierhofer, Christian Mari, Karin Mikikits, Bernd Moldan, Marcin Pabis, Alexander Papis, Volker Preußer, Evelyn Resch, Mirjam Reither, Hans Ringhofer, Herbert Schwarz, Sybille Sierlinger, Helmut Steiner, Nina Strasser und Alexander Zillbauer.

Key Facts

Open air exhibition stadtleben:2022
Dae: Tue, July 5th – Sun, August 7th, 2022
Ort: Kaiserwiese, on the path between Prater Infopoint and Planetarium
Entry: free

Enjoy the exhibition!


Photocredits: Helmut Steiner, Hans Ringhofer, Martin Jordan, Stefan Gutternigh