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Dinner in the Sky

Event Archive, 2022

Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky is back in the Wiener Wurstelprater! But – not as the name might suggest – they offer more than just dinner at dizzying heights. You can also enjoy brunch, lunch and cocktails!

At a height of approx. 50m you can enjoy your menu – or your cocktails – with a fantastic view of the Wurstelprater and of all of Vienna. Of course, a chef is also on board and will personally introduce you to the menu. While the Dinner in Sky consists of 4 courses, the lunch consists of 3 courses. Of course, all your drink requests will also be fulfilled – from aperitif to digestif. The following is a brief overview of what exactly awaits you and how much you have to pay for it:

Brunch in the Sky

🍽️   brunch menu
🥂   soft drinks + Mimosa
⌛   approx. 30 min in the sky
💶   69€ per person

Lunch in the Sky

🍽️   three-course menu (standard/vegetarian)
🥂   aperitif, soft drinks, wine
⌛   approx. 40 min in the sky
💶   99€ per person

Dinner in the Sky

🍽️   four-course menu (standard/vegetarian)
🥂   aperitif, soft drinks, wine, digestif
⌛   approx. 80 min in the sky
💶   199€ per person

Cocktail in the Sky

🍽️   snacks
🥂   1 cocktail
⌛   approx. 25 min in the sky
💶   49€ per person


Dinner in the Sky
Date: Fri, 22.7 – Sun, 24.7.2022
Fri, 19.8 – Sun, 21.8.2022
Fri, 26.8 – Sun, 28.8.2022
Location: 1020, Zufahrtsstraße 146
Tickets available via jollydays.at

There is currently a 20% discount on lunch and dinner!

Enjoy your meal!


Photocredits: Jollydays