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BattleKart at Messe Wien

Season 2023

BattleKart at Messe Wien

Do you like video games like Mario Kart or the ultimate Nokia 3310 classic, Snake? And are you passionate about go-karting as well? From April 1st, 2023 you can experience these passions combined – BattleKart Beyond Reality makes it possible! The game principle, which comes from Belgium and has already been successfully implemented in Germany and France, is coming to Vienna for the first time this year.

Game Principle And Game Modes

How does it work? It’s really quite simple: imagine yourself sitting behind the wheel of an electric kart in a large exhibition hall where various routes and games are projected onto the floor. You can interact with your surroundings and your fellow players and use the items you collect to decide the games for you.

BattleRace 🏎
A crazy race, where you use the bonuses scattered on the track to gain speed or slow down your opponents. The winner is the person who completed the most laps when the final gong sounds.

BattleSnake 🐍
Glean the coloured balls that appear randomly on the track and increase the tail behind your kart, but above all, don’t touch the edges of the track or the tail of your opponents, or you’ll lose all the fruits of your efforts!

BattleColor 🖍
On a fully-gridded track, drive to cover the ground with your colour. The team that colours the most boxes pockets the victory! As soon as you have coloured ten successive squares, use your bonuses (boosts or missiles) against your opponents!

BattleFoot 2.0 ⚽️
Sitting inside your kart you try to launch the (virtual) ball into the goal of the opposing team. The winning team is the one with the most goals within the time limit. Be quick, and think strategically to counter attacks.

BattleVirus 🦠
It’s green, it’s nasty, it adapts to your every action, and grows stronger along the way. The virus you’re about to face has only one goal: to infect you and immobilise everyone. But that’s not going to happen! To defeat it, you’ll have to coordinate your actions with your teammates – it’s all against one, in this fully cooperative mode.

BattlePool 🎱
Fourteen Billiard balls, 6 pockets, and 2 teams. In the BattlePool gamemode, two teams face off on the biggest and flashiest pool table you’ve ever seen!

Hard Facts

BattleKart Beyond Reality Vienna
Date: from Sat, April 1st 2023
Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 15:00-21:00, Sat-Sun from 13:00-22:00
Location: Messe Wien, Halle C – via Trabrennstraße

Minimum height: 1,45m
Duration per round:
Price per round for adults / children:

24,00€ / 20,00€ for the 1st round
20,00€ / 18,00€ for the 2nd round
18,00€ / 16,00€ for the 3rd, 4th,…. round

You can book your timeslot on battlekart.com

For further details and FAQs, go to wien.battlekart.com.


We wish you all the fun!


Photocredits: Battlekart GmbH