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1.800 Red Noses in Prater

Season 2022

1.800 Red Noses in Prater

Yesterday, on September 11, 2022, the Prater Hauptallee was transformed into what was probably the happiest and funniest running track in Austria. In addition to the run itself, the Red Noses Run offered all participants and spectators the opportunity to get to know the Red Noses Clowns outside of the hospital. Whether on stage or on the running track, yesterday there were clowns and red noses as far as the eye could see.

60,000 euros for the Red Noses

More than 1,800 people participated to bring more joy and happiness into the hospitals – from the very little ones in strollers to the not-so-little ones in their running shoes. Many local celebrities were also at the forefront of the running event, including Olympic champion in wheelchair racing Thomas Geierspichler, ex-Miss Austria Carmen Knor, state boxing champion Michaela Kotásková, world and European champion in Thai boxing Fadi Merza, judo state champion Marcel Ott, professional boxer Marcos Nader, journalist and running coach Thomas Rottenberg and middle-distance runner Andreas Vojta.

Together with the support of sponsors, the donation amount of more than 60,000 euros was reached this year. Ivana Bacanovic, Managing Director of Rote Nasen Clowndoctors, happily addresses all the supporters:

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are happy to be able to continue to carry out our work with sick people and people in need of humor regularly and profoundly with this important support.

It wasn’t just the weather that made the event colourful, the Red Noses also provided a cheerful change with various clown stations along the Prater Hauptallee and made the event a celebration for the whole family. After completing their run, participators were also able to enjoy a fun supporting program with a sports mile and an adventure area for children.

Scroll through the galleries for impressions of the run.

The Red Noses Clown Doctors

The Red Noses have been around since 1994. They set themselves the goal of giving joy and laughter to people who need it most and visited sick children in hospital for the first time. Nowadays, the specially trained performing artists no longer only visit the very young, but also adults and seniors. They go to medical facilities, nursing homes, special education centers and social institutions, as well as initial reception centers and refugee shelters. With laughter, songs, magic tricks, improvisation and sensitive attention, the Red Noses clowndoctors enrich people in difficult situations with moments of happiness and a little lightness. If you want to learn more about the Red Noses, have a look at rednoses.eu


Photocredits: Hannes Hochmuth